Tickets for Sale for Christmas Show

Tickets are still on sale for our Christmas show to be held on Thursday, December 20th.

Students in all grades will be performing!

Hope to see everyone there!

Click below to see flyer for ordering of tickets and further details:

Christmas Show 2018

‘Tis the season to be helpful!

Students in grades 5 and 6 worked together with Ms. Boggiano to create a handmade Christmas tree to be used for decorations around the building.

What great work!

Report Card Night Information

Report Card Distribution will be Friday, December 7th, 2018.

It will be an 11:30 am dismissal day with no After School.

Times for report cards:

12:20-2:30 pm

4 to 6:20 pm

Homeroom teachers will be scheduling appointments with parents.

Please be advised as already relayed through Option C: There must be a zero balance in your FACTS account as of November 30th in order for you to receive your child’s report card and conference with your child’s teacher(s).  Payments cannot be accepted after November 30 as they need time to post to your account.

Grade 5 and 8 STEM Challenges

STEM Activity for Plant Growth and Reproduction

Grade 5 Students were asked to conduct an experiment based on their prior knowledge and current knowledge of plant growth and reproduction. This experiment is based on seedling germination and plant growth. Students came up with their own variables to test and then conduct their experiment using the materials given. We can’t wait to see our project grow! 


8th Grade STEM Challenge. Jello Earthquake!

     Earthquake withstanding structures have greatly improved since 1906, when an earthquake and the fires it produced, destroyed much of San Francisco.  In this challenge, students worked in groups using marshmallows and straws to build a structure that would withstand a simulated earthquake.

     Students acted as structural engineering teams to design the most stable structure.  Students tested their structures and were also given an opportunity to re-design their structure in the time allotted. They did a fabulous job!!!


Congratulations Student Council

Congratulations to our newly elected student council members:

Grade 8:

Elizabeth Berrios – President

Sophia Pierre – Vice President

Caroline Heaney – Treasurer

Frank Papa – Public Relations Planner

E.J. Archer – School Spirit Director

Grade 7 Class Representatives: Joel Cruz & Eric Gardiner

Grade 6 Class Representatives: Kaylie Cruz & Carmelo Rivera

Grade 5 Class Representatives: Lauren DeMeo & Annie Sullivan

Grade 4 Class Representatives: Zoe Danticat & Kiera Galligan