Class of 2018 – Graduation Mass

Students, faculty, and families gathered with Father Gill and Father Ryan at Holy Name of Jesus Church for the Class of 2018 Graduation Mass. Student walked through the Halls of the school being cheered on by their fellow schoolmates.

Congratulations Class of 2018!


PreK4 Goes to the Farm!

Pre-k4 visited Green Meadows Farm at Floyd Bennett Field! The petting farm provided us with a fun and educational hands-on touching experience with all of the animals.  

PreK4 are Tiny Scientists!

Today we learned about three basic states of matter:solid, liquid, and gas from Miss Stephanie from The Tiny Scientist! We measured and observed three awesome mixtures. From those we learned the words solution, hydrophobic (liquid-repelling), and absorb. Then, we melted beeswax and coconut oil to make our own cotton candy flavored chapstick. We learned that you can change states of matter by adding or taking away heat!

Spring Show

The 2018 Spring Show was a fun night of performances. Ms. Cadotte did a great job coordinating with fellow teachers and students to make the night a huge success. Thank you to all who attended! 

PreK3 and Prek4 – Butterflies

PreK3 and PreK4 over the last couple weeks watched caterpillars as they made their cocoons and emerged as butterflies.  They went outside to release their butterflies. 


Carnival Day


A beautiful day to have some fun at SJWCA! 

Kindergarten draws Cherry Blossoms

Mrs. Cannucci’s Kindergarten got out on this beautiful day to draw the cherry blossoms in front of our school. This assignment connects to students’ recent trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.