Carnival Day is Wednesday 6/12!

This is a reminder that tomorrow, 6/12, is our carnival day!

Students will rotate between playing sports games in the field and playing in the bounce houses and with the carnival games.

Please remember to apply sunscreen and have students wear socks and sneakers. Perhaps bring an extra pair of socks if they wish to change at the end of the day. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase.

Looking forward to a fun day!


This week’s cooking club had the students making fresh homemade pasta with sauce! Students were able to use their math skills while measuring

When life hands you bananas, make bread!

The cooking club had their second class this week. They made delicious fresh banana bread and homemade butter.

Mrs. McKee, a parent of two current third graders, has graciously volunteered to be the club’s moderator.  She has an MA in education, has NYC food safety certification with the DOHMH, and owns and operates a food service business. She has a love of cooking and baking and loves teaching students the fundamentals of each.


Drumming up some fun!

Mr. Mola held his first drum club class yesterday. 

Mr. Jim Mola, a parent of a current third grader, has graciously volunteered to be the club’s moderator.  He is a professional musician and educator. As a drummer he has worked extensively in television, film, and live performance. As an educator he is on the faculty of the prestigious Collective School of Music in Manhattan, is a charter member of the Sabian Education Network and the Percussive Arts Society drum set committee. He gives drum clinics throughout the country.

During thier first meeting students learned about different percussion instruments and each got a chance to play the drums. A good time was had by all. There are a few seats left if a student is interested in joining! Go to the main office for a permission slip.

To be held: On the following Tuesdays in May – 5/7, 5/14, 5/21, and 5/28

Time: 3 to 4 pm                                                   Location: Music Room

Open to:  Students in grades 3 to 8             

Cooking Club Success!

SJWCA’s first cooking club was a big success! The students were excited and engaged. 

The class made pancakes from scratch with fresh fruit and learned how to make their own butter from scratch which they used on their pancakes. They also learned where real maple syrup is harvested and how it’s produced.

Pictures to follow from the next class!


Three 3rd Grade Authors!

Three 3rd Grade Authors!

Congratulations to Henry Cervantes, Larah Sanchez, and Rocket McKee.  All three students will have original poems published in a poetry anthology series. This is the second publication for Henry!

We are so proud of their efforts and accomplishments!

Crazy Dragon Land Party

By: Larah Sanchez  Age: 9

I went on a portal

I fell on the ground

There’s dragons in here

I feel the floor storming

Because one is dancing super


I see dragons eating cookies

I hear one singing Latin songs

They wanted to invite a dragon to the


I would bake meat and put frosting in it

The dragons would send a fresh-baked pie

To the moon

They wanted to do something super


They played crazy games

They did crazy stuff

I just wrote in my dragon diary

I got a box full of dragon collections

Then I put my diary and box on my bag

I left until the dragons read silly stories!


Riding a Lightning Bolt

By Rocket Mckee   age: 8

I thought I was riding a lightning bolt

And suddenly I felt a jolt.

I was riding a lightning bolt

Something came up behind me

It was big, I was tiny.


I was riding a lightning bolt

I was riding so fast

It was a blast


I was riding a lightning bolt

Flying through the air, I almost lost my hair

I was riding a lightning bolt

Now I am in space

With a sweaty face

I was riding a lightning bolt

It was dancing

I was prancing

I was riding a lightning bolt

I wrote a note

Mailed on a boat

Saying “I am riding a lightning bolt”


Cookie Planet

by Henry Cervantes

I dreamed about a cookie planet, the most wonderful place a kid could be.

There were sugar scented breezes and cotton candy trees,

There were multi colored candy birds and dandy candy bees.

I climbed cookie dough mountains and saw chocolate rivers flow.

How this planet came to be, I will never know.

The houses were made of gingerbread, and the cars had oatmeal raisin wheels.

When I saw all of these delicious things, I couldn’t control my squeals.

 There was so much to see along the vanilla wafer way,

I hope I dream this place again when I go to bed today.



Kindergarten’s Mercy Watson Party

Oh, Mercy! Kindergarten just finished reading  the first six adventures in the New York Times best-selling series, Mercy Watson!
They celebrated by dressing up as their favorite character and had a party with Mercy’s favorite treat, buttered toast!

Foiling a robber, driving a car, squeezing into a tutu—is there anything the porcine wonder won’t do in her single-minded pursuit of treats, buttered toast, or just a rollicking fun time? 

Books included:

Congratulations, Kenny Swanson!

Congratulations to Kenny Swanson in grade 5!

Yesterday he competed in the  regional Math Bee and  has qualified to be in the Diocesan Bee. 

This is quite an accomplishment and we wish him good luck, we are very proud of you!