Faculty and Staff Directory and Class Pages

Administration and Staff

Mrs. S. Germann | sgermann@sjwca.org

Program Director
Mrs. J. Gallina | jgallina@sjwca.org

School Secretary
Ms. L. Witthohn | lwitthohn@sjwca.org

Ms. K. Mulhern | kmulhern@sjwca.org

PDHP School Counselor (Mondays and Tuesdays, 7:30am-3pm)
Elena Lupo, LMSW | Elupo@PDHPbklyndiocese.org

Pre-K to 8th Grade

Mrs. A. Sciascia | asciascia@sjwca.org | Class Page
Ms. J. Catoggio | jcatoggio@sjwca.org | Class Page

Mrs. V. Gorman | vgorman@sjwca.org | Class Page

Ms. K. Cannucci | kcannucci@sjwca.org | Class Page

1st Grade
Ms. T. Perry | tperry@sjwca.org | Class Page

2nd Grade
Ms. K. Doran | kdoran@sjwca.org | Class Page

3rd Grade
Ms. A. Henry | ahenry@sjwca.org | Class Page

4th Grade
Mr. M. Loney | mloney@sjwca.org | Class Page

5th Grade | Middle School Social Studies
Ms. M. Cadotte | mcadotte@sjwca.org | Class Page

6th Grade | Middle School Mathematics
Ms. L. Pitilli | lpitilli@sjwca.org | Class page 

7th Grade | Middle School ELA
Mr. R. Malafronte | rmalafronte@sjwca.org | Class Page

8th Grade | Middle School Science
Ms. A. Butler | abutler@sjwca.org | Class Page

Special Subjects

Mrs. L. Pla | lpla@sjwca.org | Class Page

Mrs. L. Pla | lpla@sjwca.org| Class Page

Ms. V. Boggiano | vboggiano@sjwca.org | Class Page

Instructional Media Specialist
Ms. L. Nitzsche | lnitzsche@sjwca.org | Class Page

Physical Education (Interim)
Mr. M. Alloggio | malloggio@sjwca.org | Class Page

Christopher Mulz | cmulz@sjwca.org  | Class Page