Faculty and Staff

Administration and Staff

Principal: Kathleen Schneck – kschneck@sjwca.org
Assistant Principal: Mrs. J. Gallina – jgallina@sjwca.org

School Secretary: Ms. L. Witthohn – hnjlwitthohn@yahoo.com
Librarian/Secretary: Ms. K. Mulhern – kmulhern@sjwca.org
Finance Secretary: Ms. M. DeBernardo – sjwcatuition@aol.com


Pre-K3: Mrs. V. Gorman – vgorman@sjwca.org
Pre-K3: Mrs. A. Sciascia – asciascia@sjwca.org

Pre-K4: Ms. J. Catoggio – jcatoggio@sjwca.org
Pre-K4: Ms. V Ruggiero – vruggiero@sjwca.org

Kindergarten: Ms. K. Cannucci – kcannucci@sjwca.org Click on ‘class page’ at top of screen to view homework.

1st Grade: Ms. M. Cadotte – mcadotte@sjwca.org     Click on ‘class page’ at top of screen to view homework.

2nd Grade: Ms. K. Doran – kdoran@sjwca.org           Ms. Doran uses the Remind app to share homework.

3rd Grade: Ms. A. Henry – ahenry@sjwca.org             Ms. Henry uses the Remind app to share homework.

4th Grade: Ms. S. Maher – smaher@sjwca.org            Ms. Maher uses the Remind app to share homework.

5th Grade: Mrs. J. Lee – jlee@sjwca.org                       waveside.com/janlee

6th Grade: Mr. B. Mendez – bmendez@sjwca.org      waveside.com/bmendez

7th Grade: Mr. R. Malafronte (Grades 6-8 ELA) – rmalafronte@sjwca.org       waveside.com/rrmalafronte
7th Grade: Ms. M. Podd (Grades 6-8 Social Studies) – mpodd@sjwca.org        waveside.com/mpodd

8th Grade: Ms. Alice Butler – abutler@sjwca.org               waveside.com/abutler

Resource: Mrs.  M. Tomasi – mtomasi@sjwca.org

Spanish: Ms. M. Suarez – msuarez@sjwca.org                   waveside.com/MsM.Suarez

Art: Ms. V. Boggiano – vlvsdb@gmail.com

Computer: Ms. P. Herisson – pherisson@sjwca.org

Physical Education: Mr. K. O’Hare – kohare@sjwca.org