It’s Not Too Late to Join the Band!

“Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music?”

-Louis Armstrong

Dear Parents,

The music program is off to a great start this school year!

This is a just a reminder that it is still not too late to join. If your child has never participated before, there is still plenty of time to get them enrolled and caught up with the classes. If your child has participated, and would still like to join, we’d love to see them back again.

Classes in most schools are available to students in grades 1 and up (violin) or grades 3 and up (band instruments). Grades do vary by school, so please call our office with any questions.

Oftentimes our lives are so busy and packed with work and family commitments that we forget how important music is to us, to our community, and to our culture. We are all impacted by music, every day of our lives. I personally believe if there were more musicians in this world, we’d be a smarter and happier world. So many of the musicians that we now listen to as adults have gotten their start in their school’s music program – school music programs are the starting point! Please encourage your children to continue to learn to play an instrument. I promise that it will become something far more than just a hobby. It will become a part of who they are.

Again, if you haven’t registered yet, it is not too late! Please embrace this opportunity for them to make music with their peers. If they don’t, they may never have this opportunity again. Feel free to call us at (800) 921-4543 or you can register online at


Paul Effman