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Welcome to Kindergarten’s Class Page

Kindergarten has been very busy this Spring!

In Science we are continuing to learn about living things. We are learning all about animals and their habitats. We are concentrating on six different habitats,; the forest/woodlands,  the ocean, the desert, the jungle, the arctic, and the tropical rain forest. Over the next few weeks the children will create dioramas of each of the habitats. We took a field trip to the Staten Island Zoo with the first grade. We were excited to see all different types of animals, including the bald eagle. The children got to touch a snake and see an armadillo up close. We had a great day!

In Math, Kindergarten has been learning subtraction and enjoy working in our different Math centers. We turned our classroom in a bowling alley and played  Subtraction Bowling.  

We are looking forward to the Spring Show! 
Ms. Cannucci