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Welcome to Kindergarten’s Class Page

Catholic Schools Week Schedule 
Monday, January 29th– Mismatch Dress Down Day- Children can dress down and wear mismatched clothing.
Tuesday, January 30th- Sports Jersey Day-Children may dress down in sport shirt/jersey.
Visit to our classroom by Bishop Massa
Wednesday, January 31st- Literary Character/Historical Figure Day
Students can pick a literary or historical character to dress up as. Children should know a few facts about their character and be able to share it with the class.
If for some reason your child does not want to participate, they may wear their uniform.
Parent Breakfast- 7:30 a.m. in the school cafeteria.
Thursday, February 1st– Career Day: Students can dress up in career (e.g, Community helpers)
or college. high school apparel.
Student Appreciation Day-Art Project
Friday, February 2nd– First Friday Mass- 11:30 a.m. dismissal
There will be afterschool.
Kindergarten will not be attending the luncheon. We will stay in our classroom and have lunch.
The children can bring in pictures of their family and talk about how their family celebrates holidays, special foods that they eat, and family traditions.
Additionally, we will be making cards for the senior citizens who live at Bishop Boardman.
Ms. Cannucci