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Welcome to Prek 3A   Mrs. Sciascia’s Room.   Wait and see all the fun and learning that will go on this year!!! 

Our class carved a pumpkin and named him Charlie. This is what he looks like!!! 

Prek3A learned about fire safety with Lt. Heegan. Thank you for the coloring books and letting us try on all your gear!!!

Happy Halloween all!! We enjoyed the Halloween walk today!!!



FYI:  To all my past parents and current parents, please circulate the word around that I will be running a Mommy and Me program for 2 year old children. It will be once a week on a Friday. You can look forward to a class full of fun and learning!!! I look forward to meeting a whole new group of friends!!! 

Our class planted the seeds from our pumpkin Charlie!!! This is what they look like:  


FYI:  Our Mommy and Me program will start with its first session on Friday November 17th. Please call the school office for details!!! I hope to meet some new friends then!!! It will be an hour of fun and learning!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  We had a wonderful feast!! Thank you to our families for all the delicious food, especially The Vecchione family for cooking a 20 pound turkey for all of u


Our Elf named Jingle is hanging with Mary today!!!

Our Door to our classroom won third prize!! How lucky are we!!!

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