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Pre-k4’s Pizza Lunch from Mr. H!!!!

 Pre-k 4 received a pizza lunch from Mr. H, our Music teacher for earning the most stars for good behavior for the year. We are very proud of them!!


Green Meadows Farm Visit!!

Pre-k4 had a great time visiting the farm where we learned about the different animals and were able to touch and feed some!

The Tiny Scientist Visits Pre-k4!



Miss. Stephanie taught us about solids, liquids, and gases!



 Mixture materials


Observing the beeswax to make our chapstick!


Miss. Stephanie began melting down the beesewax and added the scent the class voted on: Cotton Candy!



 We measured and observed three awesome mixtures. We added cocoa powder to water and watched it dissolve to create a solution. Next, we added hydrophobic (liquid-repelling) sand to water which would not dissolve at all. Last, we added a white powder to water which absorbed all of the liquid to create insta-snow in our cups!

  Our chapstick cooling down!

 Our finished products to take home and use!



Pre-k4 created their own silly sentences and illustrations using words we learned from the -at word family.

We are Kindergarten READY!




Release of the Butterflies…We Will Miss Them!!


Pre-k4’s Class Trip to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum



Pre-k4 Building Sight Words with Letter Cards!


Pre-k 4 Gingerbread Cookie Decorating

    Some of our moms showed up to help!! Thanks!


 Some of our cookie creations!


Feast of St. Nicholas Day Fun!!

                    Pre-k 3 and Pre-k 4 both received a surprise from St. Nicholas!!


Pre-k 4 Working with our new classroom tablets!


Thanksgiving Feast….Gobble Gobble!!!







  Pre-k 4 Big Dinosaur Puzzle Teamwork Challenge!



                              Halloween Walkathon




     Pre-k4’s  Halloween Costumes!





   Pre-k4 having an Adventure’s To Fitness Session on 10/27!





      Fire Safety Assembly in Shepherd’s Hall on 10/26! We had a blast!!

                       We even had a chance to try on fire gear!!!




          Pre-k4 having fun with the dinosaurs!!


 12/7 Parent/Teacher Conferences  NO After School

12/8 School Closed – Immaculate Conception

12/12 NUT Day $1  Coffee with the Principal 7:30am

12/14 Cookie Decorating in our classroom 9-10am

12/19 Christmas Show @ 6:30pm 500 19th street  Students should arrive between 6:00-6:15pm Please keep your child’s coat with you.

12/21 NUT Day $1

12/22 Christmas Recess begins at dismissal. NO After School

School resumes Tuesday, Jan 2


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