School Life

St Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy recognizes that a school is not just comprised of academics. To be a true community and home for our students requires nurturing the capabilities of the full person, including the academic, social, and physical aspects.

There are numerous extra-curricular programs offered to students at St Joseph the Worker.

There is an optional band program run through the Paul Effman Music Company, who since 1971 has been providing music programs to private schools throughout the region. Students in grades K-8 who are interested in playing an instrument receive lessons in small groups. (

Honor Students
Students can apply to  become members of our Junior National Honor Society.  Students in grade 6, 7 and 8 would need to have a 90 average for all core subjects and be a part of service projects.

Integrated Algebra
This before school class is offered to students in grade 8 with an average above 90. Students attend class four days a week and will take the regents in June.

Student Council
Elected students council members serve for the entire school year, participate, and assist in school and community functions and fundraisers. Council members also have the responsibility of keeping their class mates up to date on issues brought before the council.

8th graders work throughout the year with the moderators—a faculty member and assisted by a parent—to produce the yearbook.

Enrichment Classes
St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy offers enrichment courses to appeal to students’  many interests and abilities. Learn More