Science Fair Results!

Science Fair 2019

Congratulations to this year’s Science Fair winners. 

Congratulations to every student who participated in all grades, projects were interesting and well done!


Grade 6:

First Place: Bennett Breier –What type of light do plants grow in best?

Second Place: Kamilah Khan – Which cup will keep a hot drink warm the longest: paper, plastic, glass, or Styrofoam?

Third Place: Michael Sheehan- How will adding different flavors of Kool-Aid to water affect the boiling point?

Grade 7:

First Place: Joseph Schwartz – What’s popping? Which brand of popcorn leaves the fewest unpopped kernels?

Second Place: Jillian Tresca-Different types of milk-Can you tell which milk is whole, low fat, or nonfat?

Third Place: Joel Cruz-How does height affect a person’s ability to shoot a jump shot in basketball?

Grade 8:

First Place: Zoe Fisher-Chromatography

Second Place: Genna Cottingham & Caroline Heaney-Which fruit can we extract the most DNA from-a banana, kiwi, or strawberyy?

Third Place: Edouard Archer, jr.-Why aren’t all medicines pills?