Three 3rd Grade Authors!

Three 3rd Grade Authors!

Congratulations to Henry Cervantes, Larah Sanchez, and Rocket McKee.  All three students will have original poems published in a poetry anthology series. This is the second publication for Henry!

We are so proud of their efforts and accomplishments!

Crazy Dragon Land Party

By: Larah Sanchez  Age: 9

I went on a portal

I fell on the ground

There’s dragons in here

I feel the floor storming

Because one is dancing super


I see dragons eating cookies

I hear one singing Latin songs

They wanted to invite a dragon to the


I would bake meat and put frosting in it

The dragons would send a fresh-baked pie

To the moon

They wanted to do something super


They played crazy games

They did crazy stuff

I just wrote in my dragon diary

I got a box full of dragon collections

Then I put my diary and box on my bag

I left until the dragons read silly stories!


Riding a Lightning Bolt

By Rocket Mckee   age: 8

I thought I was riding a lightning bolt

And suddenly I felt a jolt.

I was riding a lightning bolt

Something came up behind me

It was big, I was tiny.


I was riding a lightning bolt

I was riding so fast

It was a blast


I was riding a lightning bolt

Flying through the air, I almost lost my hair

I was riding a lightning bolt

Now I am in space

With a sweaty face

I was riding a lightning bolt

It was dancing

I was prancing

I was riding a lightning bolt

I wrote a note

Mailed on a boat

Saying “I am riding a lightning bolt”


Cookie Planet

by Henry Cervantes

I dreamed about a cookie planet, the most wonderful place a kid could be.

There were sugar scented breezes and cotton candy trees,

There were multi colored candy birds and dandy candy bees.

I climbed cookie dough mountains and saw chocolate rivers flow.

How this planet came to be, I will never know.

The houses were made of gingerbread, and the cars had oatmeal raisin wheels.

When I saw all of these delicious things, I couldn’t control my squeals.

 There was so much to see along the vanilla wafer way,

I hope I dream this place again when I go to bed today.