Student-Parent Handbook
This Student/Parent Handbook has been prepared to further parental understanding of our school policies and procedures. We ask that you read it carefully and keep it handy for ready reference. Further questions are welcomed and can be asked in a telephone call or personal visit to the school after an appointment has been arranged. The faculty of SJWCA hopes to assist you and to provide the auxiliary instruction necessary for your child’s fullest development. We ask for your cooperation and support and we anticipate great success.

Click here for the 2021-22 Parent-Student Handbook and 2021 Fundraising Guidelines

Click here for the COVID Protocols for 2022.2023 as of 8.22.22.

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Arrival and Dismissal- Students will use the following doors for arrival. Arrival begins at 7:30am. Under each listed entrance is the dismissal time and location for each cohort. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 will be dismissed at their designated spots in the school yard. Students in grade 5-8 will be dismissed directly from arrival doors. 

Door E/Howard Place Entrance: 3K and Pre-K

Door A/3rd Parking Lot Door/School Yard Entrance: 4A, 8A, 8B

Door B/Middle Parking Lot Door: 2A, 3A, 3B, 6B, 7A

Door C/1st Parking Lot Door, near Windsor: KA, 1A, 1B, 5A, 6A,

Uniform Information and Dress Code
In keeping with the long standing tradition of Catholic Schools, students at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy wear uniforms. Proper attire reflects the quality of school conduct and schoolwork. All students are expected to be in full uniform each day and to be kept neat and clean. Learn More

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy
The school communities within the Brooklyn Diocese believe in the sanctity of human life and the inherent dignity of the human person. We believe that all students, school employees and volunteers have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. All members of the school community, in turn, have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. Research shows that students who learn in a safe and supportive environment succeed academically. Students have a right to learn in an environment free of any harassment that substantially interferes with their education. Learn More

Technology-Acceptable Use Policy:

 We at SJWCA believe that the use of computers, Chrome books, tablets, I pads, and of the Internet are very valid tools in education. Our computing resources support the educational, instructional, research, and administrative activities of the Academy and the use of these resources is a privilege that is extended to members of our community.

Acceptable use means respecting the rights of other computer users, the integrity of the physical facilities and all pertinent license and contractual agreements. If an individual is found to be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, the Academy has the right to take disciplinary action, including the restriction and possible loss of network privileges. A serious violation could result in more serious consequences.

The document below establishes specific requirements for the use of all computing and network resources at SJWCA.

Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Sept 2021 APPENDIX TO PARENT HANDBOOK

After School Program
St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy’s After School Program is held at the school and provides supervision in a safe environment for your child after dismissal. The program is staffed by school faculty members, and is to be supplemented by some  additional enrichment subjects. Learn More

We encourage parents and guardians to be active in supporting our school with fundraising efforts. Each student is responsible for raising at least $250 in fundraising income each school year. Learn More

Home-School Association
Our Home-School Association (HSA) is a voluntary organization comprised of parents or legal guardians that promotes the connection between home and school. In partnership with the school administration, faculty and staff, the HSA mission is to support and enrich the educational endeavors of the school, while exemplifying the traditions, standards and teachings of the Catholic faith. HSA responsibilities include organizing community and fundraising events, in addition to supporting school activities such as teacher recognition and school improvements.

Parents, grandparents and guardians of students may join the HSA. Membership is free and strongly encouraged. Meetings are held on a monthly basis during the school year. 

Crisis Management Plan

In the event of a school evacuation, Holy Name Church will be our first evacuation site,  Bishop Ford (K280) will be our second location, and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church will be our third location.